Stefano Torossi on 45, Pt II: Five A-sides from the 1960s featuring The Flippers, Tony Del Monaco, I Crazy Boys, I Balordi, and Louiselle

Although the majority of Stefano Torossi’s extensive musical catalog from 1959 to the present is in the album or long play format, he has also done a number of 45s, most of them released initially in the 1960s on labels including CAM, Carosello, CBS, Costanza Records, Durium, Italfon, Parade, and RCA.

The second installment of this overview of 45 singles involving Stefano Torossi showcases five A-sides he co-wrote between 1960 and 1968.

The Flippers “Non gridar bambina” 1960

The first 45 singles of Stefano Torossi in Italy were both done in 1960. He was given co-writing credit for The Flippers’ A-side “Santa notte e Cha Cha Cha,” and did arrangements for “Bianco natale Cha Cha (White Christmas)” on the B-side. Torossi also co-wrote “Non gridar bambina” with Prosaico (an alias of Sergio Jacquier).

The Flippers -

The Flippers – “Non gridar bambina” / “In cerca di te (Solo me ne vo…)” (1960) RCA

The Flipper players depicted on the sleeve include, starting from the left, Franco Bracardi, Fabrizio Zampa, Max Catalano, Romolo Forlai, and Stefano Torossi.

An audio file of The Flippers’ “Non gridar bambina” composed by Prosaico and Stefano Torossi, with Romolo Forlai on vocals, is here:

Note: If any legal rights holders object to the posting of this rare, out of print, and unavailable track ripped from this correspondent’s personal collection, please drop a line and it will be removed immediately.

Tony Del Monaco “Il grembiule nero” 1962

In 1962, Stefano Torossi appeared on the first of at least three singles by Italian pop singer Tony Del Monaco including “Il grembiule nero” / “Baila con migo,” both co-written by Torossi.

Tony Del Monaco - Il grembiule - Baila con migo (1962) RCA Italiana

Tony Del Monaco – “Il grembiule nero” / “Baila con migo” (1962) RCA

“Il grembiule nero,” composed by Stefano Torossi, Tony Del Monaco, and Cassia is online:

I Crazy Boys “Hai negli occhi tutto il sole del mondo” 1968

Italy’s “Noi e gli altri” television program, “We and Others” in English, yielded a trio of singles including I Crazy Boys’ “Hai negli occhi tutto il sole del mondo,” composed by Giorgio Lecardi, Bruno Rasia, and Stefano Torossi.

I Crazy Boys -

I Crazy Boys – “Hai negli occhi tutto il sole del mondo” / “Addio Margaretha” (1968) Durium

A video for I Crazy Boys’ “Hai negli occhi tutto il sole del mondo,” composed by Giorgio Lecardi, Bruno Rasia, and Stefano Torossi, has recently been removed from YouTube:

I Balordi “Fateli tacere” 1968

Stefano Torossi joined forces with Sergio Ricci to compose both sides of I Balordi’s 1968 single “Fateli tacere,” backed with “Diamoci la mano,” released on Carosello. In 1974, the same legendary Italian record label would release Feelings, an album showcasing composers Sandro Brugnolini, Giancarlo Gazzani, Puccio Roelens, and Stefano Torossi.

I Balordi - Fateli tacere / Diamoci la mano (1968) Carosello

I Balordi – “Fateli tacere” / “Diamoci la mano” (1968) Carosello

Each side of the I Balordi 45 also appeared on the Magic Bitpop Vol. 3, a 1960s pop music compilation CD by Italy’s On Sale Music label.

Magic Bitpop Vol. 3 (2010s) On Sale Music

Various Artists – Magic Bitpop Vol. 3 (2010s) On Sale Music

I Balordi’s “Fateli tacere,” composed by Sergio Ricci and Stefano Torossi, is on YouTube:

Louiselle “Ancor no” from L’età del malessere 1968

As part of Stefano Torossi’s original soundtrack for the film L’età del malessere, singer Louiselle released a 45 single on Parade Records that features “Ancor no,” written by Torossi, Audrey Nohra Stainton, and Federesco. This haunting vocal is one of this site’s favorites from the more than a dozen soundtracks composed by Stefano Torossi.

Louiselle – “Ancora no” / “Il vizio” (1968) Parade

“Ancora no” also appeared on Louiselle’s eponymous debut album for Parade the same year–both the ten-track version and the twelve-track version released later the same year.

Louiselle - Louiselle (1968) Parade

Louiselle – Louiselle (1968) Parade

Louiselle’s “Ancor no,” composed by Stefano Torossi, Audrey Nohra Stainton, and Federesco, is currently found online:

Coming Soon: Stefano Torossi on 45, Pt III – Five More B-sides from the 1960s

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