jb production 1996

The Flippers – Rarity Collection (1996)

The Flippers - Rarity Collection (1996) JB Production CH

The Flippers – Rarity Collection (1996)


  • Le mille bolie blu
  • Jada
  • Bianco natale cha cha
  • Santa notte e cha cha cha
  • Un cha cha per Teresa
  • Baci cha cha cha
  • cha cha cha dell’impicato
  • Torna a surriento

Note: Stefano Torossi is given co-writing credit for “Santa notte e cha cha (Stille nacht),” with original author Franz Gruber. He also arranged “Bianco natale cha cha (White Christmas)” and played double bass on “Baci cha cha cha”.

Listen to “Santa notte e cha cha cha (Stille nacht),” “Bianco natale cha cha (White Christmas),” and “Baci cha cha cha” on YouTube

Buy “Santa notte e cha cha cha,” “Bianco natale cha cha,” and “Baci cha cha cha”

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