general music 1968


L’età del malessere (1968) General Music [Italy] (GM 33-02)

L’età del malessere (1968) General Music

Stefano Torossi – L’età del malessere (1968) General Music

L’età del malessere (The Age of Malaise) (1968) Director Giuliano Biagetti, starring Eleonora Rossi Drago, Gabriele Ferzetti, Haydée Politof, and Jean Sorel, written by Biagetti, Luciano Lucignani, and Dacia Maraini and screenplay and story by Maraini reissue (2010) Verita Note [Japan] OST

Featuring Stefano Torossi’s original album, with the I Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni choir including Edda Dell’Orso:

Side A

  • Malessere
  • Malessere
  • Family Life
  • Una certa età
  • Family Life
  • Love
  • Malessere
  • Family Life

Side B

  • Malessere
  • Mangiadischi
  • Luce spenta
  • Beat medio
  • Una certa età
  • Speakeasy
  • Zodaico
  • Malessere

Note: Music by Stefano Torossi, orchestra directed by Roby Poitevin.

Listen to a selection of tracks from the film on YouTube


This album is rare but does appear upon occasion at auction sites carrying library music and soundtracks. Expect to pay three figures–whether euro or USD. However, in 2010, Japanese label Verita Note reissued L’età del malessere in CD format. Featuring twenty extra tracks, this can often be found on eBay worldwide and at specialist music stores focusing on soundtracks and library music.

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