fleetwood records 1959

“Banshee” / “Bottoms Up” (1959) with Hap Snow’s Whirlwinds [USA] (1005)

Hap Snows Whirlwinds - Banshee and Bottoms Up (1959) Fleetwood Records (1005) 45 Single

“Banshee” with “Bottoms Up” (1959)

musicians include Art Bearon on piano, Harry Lewis on saxophone, James K. “Hap” Snow on guitar, and Stefano Torossi on drums.

Note: First Stefano Torossi recording. “Banshee” A-side co-written by James K. “Hap” Snow, Art Bearon, and Stefano Torossi.

Listen to “Banshee” and “Bottoms Up” on SoundCloud

Watch “Banshee” video on YouTube


This rare 45 single appeared on eBay in both 2010 and most recently in June 2014.

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