montecarlo records 1972

Beat in Ampex (1972) [Italy] (SM 5009)

Stefano Torossi and Ugo Fusco -Beat in Ampex (1972) Montecarlo [Italy] (SM 5009)

Beat In Ampex (1972)

featuring Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi’s

  • E una nostalgia
  • Splendido incanto
  • Ultima tappa
  • Dottor Beat
  • Fare e disfare
  • Ocho rios
  • Istmo
  • La ragazza che preferisco
  • Grande geysir
  • Curragh
  • Princess Street
  • Flutuando


“Grande geysir,” “Curragh,” “Ultima tappa,” and “Princess Street” are on YouTube:

“Grande geysir” is also on SoundCloud:


This LP is very rare.

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