sr records 1970

Fischio in armonia (1970) [Italy] (SP 129)

Alessandro Alessandroni - Fischio in armonia (1970) Sermi

Alessandro Alessandroni – Fischio in armonia (1970) SR Records

featuring Alessandro Alessandroni’s

Side A

  • Lungomare
  • Trinacria
  • Swinging Whistle
  • Nel sobborgo
  • Nella baia
  • Fischiarello
  • La casetta sul fiume
  • Fughetta

Side B

  • Serenata guappa
  • Nel sud
  • Serenatina
  • Puntilistica
  • Les compagnons
  • Whistle Waves
  • La mia baracca
  • Serenata bulla
  • Oriente
  • Contestazione

Categories: Electronic, Folk, World, Soundtrack, Whistling

Note: Stefano Torossi co-composed four tracks: “Lungomare,” “Nella baia,” “Fischiarello,” and “Serenatina.”


Alessandro Alessandroni and Stefano Torossi’s “Lungomare” is on YouTube:



Note: Although the original SR Records LP is not easy to find (and not cheap), an identical version released in France under the title Sifflons en harmonie by M. Alessandroni can usually be found on auction sites for a reasonable sum.

Echoing America (1970) [Italy] (SP 130)

Echoing America (1970) with Giovanni Tommaso LP Sermi [Italy] (SR SP 130); reissue (2013) CD Cometa Edizioni Musicali [Italy] (CMT 10039)

Giovanni Tommaso & Stefano Torossi – Echoing America (1970) SR Records

featuring Giovanni Tommaso and Stefano Torossi’s

Side A

  • Harlem Jungle
  • Dance Tomorrow
  • Coast To Coast
  • Fake It
  • Sixth Dimension

Side B

  • Six Miles From Blackstock
  • Metropolis
  • New Mexico
  • Slateridge Sunday Breakdown
  • Black Power

Categories: Jazz, Funk, Bluegrass, Instrumental

Note: Disregard LP credits as each track is a collaboration between Giovanni Tommaso and Stefano Torossi.


“Coast To Coast,” “Fake It,” “Sixth Dimension,” “Metropolis,” and a 2013 Reissue Promo are on YouTube:

“Coast To Coast” and “Sixth Dimension” are also on SoundCloud:


Note: This LP appears on auction sites now and then. A limited edition CD reissue was done by Italian label Cometa Edizioni Musicali in 2013 that is available on eBay and similar auction sites.

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