Claudio Gizzi’s Musica per commenti sonori – Elicottero (Panoramiche dall’aria) (1996) Costanza Records (Reissue 2014 Deneb Records), produced by Stefano Torossi

In 1996, Claudio Gizzi made Musica per commenti sonori: Elicottero (Panoramiche dall’aria) for Italy’s Costanza Records, produced by Stefano Torossi. The album of instrumental production music featuring fourteen compositions by Claudio Gizzi was reissued in the final weeks of 2014 under the title Great Images: Nature – Documentary – Electronica, the latest full length album of music composed or produced by Torossi on Deneb Records, a Flipper Music imprint.

Musica Per Commenti Sonori: Elicottero (Panoramiche dall'aria) (1996) [Italy] (CD CO - 05)

Claudio Gizzi – Musica per commenti sonori: Elicottero (Panoramiche dall’aria) (1996) Costanza Records

The December 2014 release includes Claudio Gizzi’s “Great Horizons,” “Windy Tops,” “Roman Empire,” “Blue Depth,” “Royal Celebration,” “Skyscrapers,” “Cathedral,” “Helicopter View,” “Growing City,” “Universe,” “Human Civilization,” “Castles,” “North Pole,” and “Battlefields.” Some of the titles used on Great Images: Nature – Documentary – Electronica were retained from the original Musica per commenti sonori: Elicottero (Panoramiche dall’aria)  album, translated from Italian to English, while others were re-imagined for the 2014 release including Claudio Gizzi’s “Universe,” initially known as “Satellite.”

Claudio Gizzi and Stefano Torossi - Great Images - Nature - Documentary - Electronica (2014) Deneb DNB 802 cover

Claudio Gizzi and Stefano Torossi – Great Images: Nature – Documentary – Electronica (2014) Deneb Records

Claudio Gizzi’s “Universe” (aka “Satellite”) is on YouTube:

Classical pianist-keyboard player Claudio Gizzi and composer-producer Stefano Torossi have previously collaborated on a number of albums including a pair of long players produced by Torossi for Fonit Cetra’s Strumentali series in 1988, Il gran teatro del mondo, Vol. 1 and Il gran teatro del mondo, Vol. 2.

Claudio Gizzi - Strumentali - Il Gran Teatro Del Mondo Vol. 2 (1988) Nuovo Repertorio Editoriale [Italy] (NRE 1150)

Claudio Gizzi – Strumentali: Il gran teatro del mondo Vol. 2 (1988) Fonit Cetra

Torossi also produced eight cuts by Gizzi on Fonit Cetra’s Strumentali: La fatica di vivere (1988) as well as seven tracks on Fonit Cetra’s History: Past and Future (1989) album, part of the Work Music Library series. Stefano Torossi produced Gizzi’s “Sirene del golfo” on the collection Strumentali: Romanticherie in 1988, too.

Strumentali: La fatica di vivere (1988) Fonit Cetra (NRE 1167)

Claudio Gizzi, Claudio Maioli, and Antonio Sechi – Strumentali: La fatica di vivere (1988) Fonit Cetra

At the moment, it appears none of these five vinyl LPs have yet to be reissued in digital format, although Fonit Cetra and Beat Records’ 1992 compilation CD Past, Present, Future contained all of the Work Music Library compositions found on the 1989 LP.

Stefano Torossi, et al. - Past, Present, Future (1992) Beat Records Company - Fonit Cetra [Italy] (CDW 11), a compilation

Various Artists – Work Music Library: Past, Present, Future (1992) Beat Records/Fonit Cetra

Claudio Gizzi’s “Windy Tops” (also known as “Cime tempestose”) from Great Images: Nature – Documentary – Electronica is online:

In 1991, Rai Trade’s Strumentali: Vita d’oggi, a hard-to-find CD produced by Stefano Torossi, featured seven Claudio Gizzi compositions.

Claudio Gizzi - Commenti musicali - Thrilling - Tensione - Terrore (1989) Fonit Cetra/Rai Trade

Various Artists – Commenti musicali: Thrilling – Tensione – Terrore (1989) Fonit Cetra/Rai Trade

They have also appeared together on at least four collections in Fonit Cetra and Rai Trade’s joint Commenti musicali series between 1989 and 1993, in addition to more than half a dozen albums for Primrose Music.

Special Experience (1989) Primrose Music (PRCD 037) CD

Various Artists – Special Experience (1989) Primrose Music

The latter Primrose output includes seventeen tracks spread across a trio of this correspondent’s favorite titles from the Flippermusic family of labels: Special Experience (1989), XXI Century (1990), and Kaleidoscope (1991), each originally released in CD and now available as a digital download from major music retailers including iTunes and Amazon.

Kaleidoscope (1991) Primrose Music (PRCD 047)

Various Artists – Kaleidoscope (1991) Primrose Music

Stay tuned for features on these Primrose Music albums and more in the near future, especially as more album cuts become available on YouTube. Among other recent projects from Claudio Gizzi and Stefano Torossi were two in 2013. Flippermusic’s Xmas Party: Alternative Version of Classical Xmas Songs has four tracks and Deneb Records’ Nature Voyager: Orchestral – Documentary – Travel features “Extreme Flight.”

And here’s one more track from Claudio Gizzi’s Great Images: Nature – Documentary – Electronica album, produced by Stefano Torossi, “Blue Depth,” aka “Blu marino”:

The remaining eleven tracks are also currently available online.

More Music from Claudio Gizzi

composer-musician Claudio Gizzi

composer-musician Claudio Gizzi

In 1972, Claudio Gizzi composed music for Roman Polaski’s film Che? starring Marcello Mastroianni and Sydne Rome. However, it is through two of his next projects in the horror movie genre that Claudio Gizzi first rose to prominence.

Che (1972) film poster

Che (1972) film poster

Gizzi composed the music for two Andy Warhol films, Flesh for Frankenstein in 1973 and Blood for Dracula in 1974, directing the Unione Musicisti de Roma orchestra composed of more than sixty musicians. An in-depth look at the two high-profile productions is included in an interview with Claudio Gizzi by Marco Werba that was originally published in CinemaScore #15, 1986/87, re-posted by the Soundtrack: The Cinemascore & Soundtrack Archives website HERE.

“Frankenstein’s Theme,” composed by Claudio Gizzi, is on YouTube:

The soundtrack for Andy Warhol’s Blood for Dracula, composed by Claudio Gizzi, was reissued by Dagored in blood red colored vinyl in March 2015.

Claudio Gizzi - Andy Warhol's Blood For Dracula (2015 Reissue) Dagored

Claudio Gizzi – Andy Warhol’s Blood For Dracula (2015 Reissue) Dagored

Claudio Gizzi’s title track from Blood For Dracula is on YouTube:

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