Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi’s Beat in Ampex (1972) Montecarlo Records

In 1972, composers Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi released Beat in Ampex on Italy’s Montecarlo Records, a unique project organized by song publishers in which Torossi recently comments: “From what I can recall, Fusco and I never met.”

Stefano Torossi and Ugo Fusco - Beat in Ampex (1972) Montecarlo Records

Stefano Torossi and Ugo Fusco – Beat in Ampex (1972) Montecarlo Records

The dozen tracks of jazzy beats and energetic instrumentals on the LP include “E una nostalgia,” “Splendido incanto,” “Ultima tappa,” “Dottor Beat,” “Fare e disfare,” and “Ocho rios” on side A and “Istmo,” “La ragazza che preferisco,” “Grande geysir,” “Curragh,” “Princess Street,” and “Flutuando” on the back.

Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi’s “Ultima tappa” is currently found on YouTube:

Stefano Torossi views the composing of the Beat in Ampex album as a “blind date” of sorts. He explains the origin of the LP:

“In fact it was the publishers who approached us (the group that was working in RAI and was in care of the incidental music for the programs).” [He added that some] “out of greed, would sign compositions of unknown paternity for a part of the royalties.”

Such were the working conditions musicians and composers had to contend with in this time period.

Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi’s “Grande geysir” is on SoundCloud:

The Beat in Ampex LP, released by Montecarlo Records in limited numbers in 1972, has never been reissued and is almost impossible to find these days. One place collectors with deep pockets can check is Discogs. A copy was sold on eBay recently, as well.

Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi’s “Princess Street” is online:

More Music from Ugo Fusco

The same year Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi composed Beat in Ampex, Fusco also made a solo album for Lupus Records, Visioni Musicali, LUS 212 Among other releases of the legendary Italian label are Stefano Torossi’s Qualche tema lungoUn tema: Tante variazioni, and Tensione e distensione, LUS 215, LUS 216, and LUS 217, respectively.

Ugo Fsuco - Visioni musicali (1972) Lupus Records

Ugo Fusco – Visioni musicali (1972) Lupus Records

The eighth track of Ugo Fusco’s electronic jazz Visioni Musicali LP, “Notturno,” is one of three tracks from the album found on another superior Plastic Records’ compilation, Kaleidoscopica: Obsessive Psychedelic, Funk-Beat 70’s Italian Music Library.

Kaleidoscopica: Obsessive Psychedelic, Funk-Beat 70's Italian Music Library (2000) Plastic Records compilation

Various Artists – Kaleidoscopica: Obsessive Psychedelic, Funk-Beat 70’s Italian Music Library (2000) Plastic Records

The 2000 CD and LP release opens with Fusco’s “Sveltissimo” and also features “Tattau Bossa.”

Ugo Fusco’s meandering, mesmerizing bassline on “Notturno” is currently found on YouTube:

In 1973, Ugo Fusco did another solo album for Lupus Records, Audiomusica No. 1 (LUS 219). The vinyl LP includes tracks like “Parcheggio,” “Ricordo del cinema muto,” and “First.”

Ugo Fusco - Audiomusica N° 1 (1973?) Lupus Records

Ugo Fusco – Audiomusica N° 1 (1973?) Lupus Records

One track is currently found online, “First.”

Ugo Fusco’s “First” is on SoundCloud:

Seven 1971-1972 Stefano Torossi Albums That Need To Be Reissued

In 1971 and 1972, Stefano Torossi was releasing some of his most creative work under a pseudonym (“Fotriafa”) or not being credited at all, such as on the soundtrack for Si può fare molto con sette donne (You Can Do A Lot With Seven Women) (1972) (Reissue 2012). Seven of the albums from this period have only been issued in vinyl in Italy and never again in any format or other market: Beat in Ampex on Montecarlo Records, the three Lupus albums, Qualche tema lungo, Un tema: Tante variazioni, and Tensione e distensione, plus Non tutto ma di tutto (1971) on Flirt Records, Guerra di cielo, di mare, di terra (1971) on Octopus Records, and Ora Beat! (early 1970s) on Metropole Records. Hopefully, Beat Records Company, Arison, or some similar clever label will reissue these and more Torossi titles from this fertile musical period which are now impossible to access in digital or any other format.

Stefano Torossi - Qualche Tema Lungo (1971) Lupus (Italy) (Lus 215)

Stefano Torossi – Qualche tema lungo (1971) Lupus Records

Thankfully, at least one track from the five albums mentioned above, “Per lei (I versione),” has appeared on a compilation in CD format. “Per lei (I versione),” which initially appeared on Qualche tema lungo, was also included on the 2001 compilation from Italy’s Schema Records, Metti una bossa a cena 2. The CD and LP are still available.

Metti Una Bossa A Cena 2 (2001) Schema [Italy] (SCEB 908) with "Per Lei"

Various Artists – Metti una bossa a cena 2 (2001) Schema

A new video was posted online in the last couple of weeks.

Stefano Torossi’s “Per lei (I versione)” is here:

A Pair Of Collectable CAM Compilation LPs From 1972

In 1972, Stefano Torossi also appeared on at least two compilation LPs issued by Italy’s renowned CAM Records: Grottesco – Comico – Ironico (CML 009) and Sentimentale – Moderno (CML 011).

Grottesco - Comico - Ironico (1972) compilation LP CAM [Italy] (CML 009)

Various Artists – Grottesco – Comico – Ironico (1972) CAM Records

The pair of collector’s items appear on auction sites on occasion including eBay,, etc. Each features tracks from an earlier CAM album from 1968 that featured two Stefano Torossi original soundtracks: È stato bello amarti (It Was Good To Love You) (1967) / Omicidio per vocazione (Deadly Inheritance) (1967) (PRE 2).

Sentimentale - Moderno (1972) CAM (Italy) (CAM 011)

Various Artists – Sentimentale – Moderno (1972) CAM Records

A short clip from Vittorio Sindoni’s Omicidio per vocazione (Deadly Inheritance) that features Stefano Torossi’s soundtrack has been posted online:

An Ugo Fusco sampler which includes five tracks, including three from Visioni Musicali (1972) (“Tattu Bosssa,” “Ineguale,” and “Notturno”) plus “First” from Audiomusica N° 1 and “Archi In Bossa,” with Giuliano Sorgini from the Signori L’Orchestra album, is here:

Online Beat in Ampex EP on YouTube Includes Six Tracks

A Beat in Ampex online EP features a selection of album cuts from Ugo Fusco and Stefano Torossi.

At the moment, these selections include “Grande geysir,” “Curragh,” “Princess Street,” “Istmo,” “Ocho rio,” and “Ultima tappa:

Stefano Torossi Sampler Covers Music Made Around 1972

A selection of nine compositions from Stefano Torossi taken from four albums released in or around 1972 including four tracks from Telemusica N. 1 , three from Musica per tutte le eta’, and three from Fantasia Musicale, all three LPs on Metropole Records, and and a pair from Beat in Ampex, with Ugo Fusco, on Montecarlo Records:

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