Stefano Torossi’s Qualche tema lungo (1971) Lupus Records

In 1971, Stefano Torossi released Qualche tema lungo, an album of original compositions on Italy’s Lupus Records.

Stefano Torossi - Qualche Tema Lungo (1971) Lupus (Italy) (Lus 215)

Stefano Torossi – Qualche tema lungo (1971) Lupus Records

The LP features “Blues In Tempo ternario,” “Iperteso,” “Woodstock,” “Media velocità,” and four versions of “Per lei.”

Stefano Torossi’s “Woodstock,” the seventh track, is on YouTube:

Long out-of-print and never available in any format outside of Italy, Qualche tema lungo can currently be found at one of the Internet’s best resources for library, production, and soundtrack music, the Dusty Shelf. Dedicated to sharing production music library records of the 1970 and 1980s, the blog has many tasty morsels including a reference copy in MP3 format of this extremely rare Stefano Torossi vinyl LP HERE.

Stefano Torossi- Qualche Tema Lungo (1971) [Italy] (LUS 215) back

Stefano Torossi – Qualche tema lungo (1971) Lupus Records back

The first version of “Per lei” is also available on the Metti una bossa a cena 2 compilation released by the Italian label Schema records on CD and vinyl in 2001.

Metti Una Bossa A Cena 2 (2001) Schema [Italy] (SCEB 908) with "Per Lei"

Various Artists – Metti Una Bossa A Cena 2 (2001) Schema

Stefano Torossi’s “Per lei” is here:

Online Stefano Torossi Audio Sampler Covers 1971

A selection of sixteen compositions and two excerpts of music from Stefano Torossi taken from eight albums released in or around 1971: a cut from Giancarlo Gazzani’s Musica per commenti sonori (CO 10006), an excerpt from Gazzani’s Musica per commenti sonori (CO 10007), both on Costanza Records, a track Gianna Mazza’s La citta N. 2 on Fly Record, two cuts and an excerpt from Un tema: Tante variazioni on Lupus, one track from Qualche tema lungo on Lupus, four from Tensione e distensione on Lupus, three cuts from Michelangelo e il Rinascimento on Canopo, and one solo effort from a Musiche per commento compilation:

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